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Ode to my mentor
June 19, 2012, 8:54 pm
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The Penknife

This poem is an ode to my mentor, John Downing, who was chief photographer at the Express for 35 years.

I hold this small gadget in one hand
To wonder where this knife has travelled
The moments of history it’s touched
The triumphs and tragedies it’s passed through
All the little compartments
Wrapped as one
It’s size so deceiving as to its capabilities.

So many layers
And facets
Exploring many stories

The bottle opener
How many souls poured out their lives to you?

The knives
Each having to cut through to the truth
What have you uncovered?

The magnifying glass
What have you witnessed through your lens?

The compass
Reminding me
Where I’ve come from
Who taught me

Unknown places my adventures lead
Giving me direction
When I feel lost.
Pointing to the man
That this compass once led to
My inspiration
To move forward
A gauntlet to carry
To run with
Till it’s my time
To pass the penknife on.

By Hazel Thompson
17TH April 2010